Sell ​​your truck quickly and safely

Sell ​​a commercial vehicle It requires knowledge of the international market and attention to detail. Many times we find clients who cannot waste time with the sales management that an industrial vehicle supposes.

En Coa Trucks, SL. We can contribute more than 25 years of experience in the machinery buying and selling sector, with the necessary knowledge to manage a sale quickly, efficiently and with guarantees. We have experience both in import and export internationally and with clients spread over many countries. 

We offer two types of Portfolio Regarding the sale of a vehicle:  

  • La direct purchase by Coa Trucks, SL 
  • La sales management of any type of industrial vehicle
By choosing one or the other you will get the sale of your vehicle, but the process will be different.

In sales management, Coa Trucks will take care of everything:

  • Ad creation on dedicated platforms
  • Ad creation in Web platform
  • Search for buyers actively
  • Google Promotion of your vehicle

With all this we will make sure to obtain a fast, safe and fair sale for all parties.

In direct purchase, Coa Trucks will offer you a fair price for your vehicle according to the market and other conditions that may affect the sale. 

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